Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Welcome Bob Baylon!

As for SDEAS, the Panibagong Paraan 2006 competition drew to a close last Saturday and SDEAS project in partnership with Deaf Benildean Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DBMC) and the Philippine Resources for Sustainable Development (PRSD) was one of the 59 winners. Incidentally, DLS-PSI also won. Their project involves helping the Artists of Bulacan. So let us congratulate them too! That's 2 for One La Salle Philippines!

Anyway, the prize money will be given as grant and shall be used as DBMC Deaf members' start-up loan to set-up and run small to medium level type of businesses -- managed by the Deaf and employing Deaf people. We will of course seek out your assistance, particularly SHRIM, SDA, SMIT and SMS for your school's expertise for product development, financial and management concerns, more so make sure that we find opportunity for partnership with SPaCE and LaMMP for other areas that may be helpful for the Deaf and the greater mainstreamed enviroment.

You may check out the announcement here: www.panibagongparaan.com

Aside from the grant award, a People's Choice Award was given out to the project with the most number of votes from visitors. Each visitor is given only 1 chance to vote on a project they deemed best for innovation, sustainability, and impact of support to target sector.

Yup, we also got that award. smile! While the prizes given were not really something to die for unlike the prize from the grant, it was quite heartwarming to witness strangers from all walks of life (pustura to the max, high level official, to an ordinary person wearing worn out shirt and pants) take time to listen to to our explanations, to read out our materials and gamely participate in our little game of "learn to sign your name". In between they taste sample of DECK Coffee and Deaf graduates' chocolates. After a happy and insightful interchange of ideas and appreciation, these visitors gave their votes. And I am sure its not just the coffee or chocolates that made them do it. :)

Anyway, that's all for now from SDEAS.


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Congratulations, SDEAS!



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