Saturday, June 24, 2006

Increased Rice Subsidy

Here's a welcome news for full-time faculty members (teaching faculty and ASF).

The rice subsidy is increased by more than 125% (from PhP1350 to PhP3050) effective this school year as part of the across the board (ATB) increase given as de minimis benefit. The distribution of this benefit will now be done twice a year, 50% of the total amount every six months. We are making arrangements so that the amount goes directly to our payroll accounts, so that we don't have to line up at the Accounting Office. The first release comes with the July 10 pay.

As practiced, all those who have rendered at least six (6) months of service at the scheduled time of distribution shall be entitled to the benefit. This means that probationary faculty members hired effective Term 3 SY 2005-2006 are included in the first release. Those hired after the said period will get their benefit in December, at the same time the others will get their next 50%.

Extra rice... extra rice...


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