Wednesday, May 31, 2006

School of Multidisciplinary Studies Updates

We congratulate the CDA team for the successful completion of the 2nd FSOER (Foreign Service Officers' Exam Review).

And, now that summer vacation is over (for more than a week for us Benildeans!), I hope that you all had a good rest and are rearing to go back to work. I welcome the newly-hired faculty members into our family. I wish to get to know you as we work together, may you learn to love this school as much as we have all learned to. To the rest of our family, I am happy to be working with you again. I pray that we will all have a fruitful and problem-free year together.

The past weeks have been both exciting and challenging. SMS will still have the following chairpersons: Ms. Joey Jawid for the English Area, Mr. Toni Ingles for the TheoPhilo Area, Ms. May Lorica for CDA, and Mr. Valladolid (still as OIC) for PE. We, nevertheless, wish to thank Mr. Alain Austria, Mr. Santi Flora, and Dr. George Lu for their valuable contributions to SMS, they are still very much a part of the family. We welcome Ms. Letty Sebrio (as OIC) for the Filipino Area, Ms. Annie Parungao for the MathSci Area, and Mr. Rowell Roxas for the SocSci Area. We will have our first meeting by next week and hope to evaluate our performance last year and review how we can provide better service via our specialized Gen Ed offerings to CDA, SDA, SMIT, and SHRIM.


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