Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Invitation to Pursue MaLT

The Master in Learning and Teaching (MaLT) program was designed primarily to support the College's vision-mission of being a learner-centered academic institution that recognizes and responds to learners' diversity. This is a 36-unit degree program with courses that include among others, key aspects in education such as principles and techniques of teaching, assessment, and use of technology.

Since its inception in 2002 (then a module-based faculty development program solely under CSB), the MaLT program (now a degree program of CED at DLSU Manila) has produced 10 graduates, and has about 15 more teachers expected to graduate in the next two terms.

For the past year, we at the CLCIR have been very pleased with the number of teachers who have expressed interest in pursuing MaLT. Unfortunately, the preparation of application requirements have put the prospective students at a standstill. There have been four batches of MaLT students so far and indeed, we wish to have a fifth batch!

This term, we are renewing our call for faculty members who are interested to pursue MaLT. Our office will be glad to respond to queries related to this matter and assist in every way we can.

We hope for your continued support...


At 12:58 PM , Blogger baybobjr said...

Hello Witay.
Am happy to tell you that 2 of our faculty members have signified their intention to enrol in the MaLT program.
Mr. Ronald Romero and Mr. Ruben Pascua have been apprised of the requirements of the program.

At 2:42 PM , Blogger Sir ODie said...

Hello School Deans!

CLCIR is now assisting MaLT applicants (Batch 5)in securing the necessary application forms.

Batch 5 should have started this term but the problem was largely due to the failure of the applicants to submit their complete requirements on time.

We are eager to start a new batch. Please help us by reminding your faculty-applicants to secure the required documents and to submit these to the College of Education on time.


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