Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ganda ng Lola Mo! (Beauty Inside and Out)

The Exit Interview with the Dean on August 19, 2006 restrained me to be with the organizing team of Ms. Gae Mocas' TOURSEM H3Z's seminar on "Personality Development Inside and Outside" at 1:00PM- 5:00PM, MPH.

Around 150 students eagerly listened to brilliant speakers, ramp model Patty Betita of John Robert Powers, Dr. Marivic Policarpio of Mendez Medical Group and Weightless Center, and Mr. Arnold dela Cruz, the Training Director of Philippine Airlines. As the students were sharing their thoughts about the speakers, one can see from their actions that indeed, they learned a lot. Learning, however, is one thing and practicing it is another. Germanely, our faculty members are tasked to assess how the personality gurus will rev up our Tourism majors.

The students would like to share some insights from the seminar:
  1. People who are insecure always try to destroy other people.
  2. Learn from the past. Make this your learning experience.
  3. Three (3) important things that hinder a person's success: (a) Mayabang, (b) Matapobre, (c) Chismosa
  4. Body parts on which you wear perfume or cologne: (a) Pulse area, (b) Behind the ears, (c) Neck, (d) Elbows, (e) Knees
  5. Don't leave your things unattended or left behind after your interview.
  6. As courtesy, take one step backward before turning your back on the interviewer.
  7. Say "thank you" after your interview.
  8. Maintain a clean face.
One thing that surprised all was when Ms. Patty Betita stated "doing ordinary things extraordinarily". Yes, she's not a Benildean but she practices what Benildeans are... in mind and heart.


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