Thursday, August 24, 2006

SDA Shows/Exhibits

It's that time of the term again when I get inundated with invites for all types of shows, exhibits, performances, recitals, panels, etc. from the different programs of the SDA. Although I'm tempted to say no to most as it takes away precious time from my desk, I've realized how much it means to the students to see the Dean's presence in these events. Seeing them also gives me a chance to see the student's outputs manifests the faculty's mentoring and guidance.

Since last week I've seen the ff: a festival of short videos co-produced by MMA and Music Prod with one doing the video and the other doing the musical scoring, a play by Prod Des students called 'Professor Tuko' which was hilarious and wonderfully acted by MMA/SMIT students, an Ind Design exhibit just outside my office which is very popular with the student's interactive inclinations (aka sitting on and touching the products), a Prod Design video thesis called 'Agleon' which I wasn't able to finish as I had to rush back to the office but was quite an eye-opener on how young men think/talk/view life nowadays directed by Martin Cabrera who is btw the son of Gen Narciso Cabrera, a Freehand Drawing exhibit of transferee sections under the tutelage of RM De Leon, a notable artist himself, that made me very proud of the student's talents and their capacity to learn how to draw in one term (still on going at the Mutien 3rd floor, highly recommended) and the faculty's approach in teaching them various drawing techniques, and Mio Infante's set design class exhibit with scale models of theater set designs.

I was not able to go to three MMA exhibits (which are always blockbusters and constant testaments to our MMA students' talents and the MMA faculty's hard work and guidance) due to lack of time but will be catching Nathan Mazo's Tech Theater thesis tonight at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute, the first time that an SDA production is being held in that venerated institution. 'Duyan ng Kagitingan', as the show is called, is set in pre-Islamic Philippines and has gotten everyone in Prod Design and Tech Theater excited (blue forms galore!) with their participation backstage and onstage and is also one of the first collaborations between Arts Man, Prod Des, Tech Theater, and Dance so I'm looking forward to seeing tonight's performance. Please try to catch it tonight at 6 pm or tom at 8 pm.

Coming up are exhibits by Fashion Des with garments using wicker and cane, a costume design exhibit under Eric Pineda's class and another play from Prod Design students. Whew! I hope I can get some of my work done this week. :)

I can just imagine the number of shows and exhibits we will have when we move to the new building and the lively and fun atmosphere it will have when our students proudly show off their outputs for each term. Abangan!


At 6:16 PM , Blogger Caths Deen said...

Congratulations, Gerry. I do hope to receive invitations to these events as well since I am on the lookout for student works when I do my marketing activities. :)


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