Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CDP Partners with SAO in Lumban Cooperative Needs Assesment

Representatives from the Career Development Program (CDP) and Social Action Office (SAO) embarked on an assessment trip on the Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Lumban, Laguna on July 22, 2006. The representatives included Ms. Liselle Delantar and Mr. Leo Cortez (both of SAO), and CDP faculty members, Pete Venida (Marketing), Philip James Rocha (IT), Christine Bautista (Human Resources), and Ma. Louiela Gonzales (Staff). The group took time to assess the current progress of the said Multi-Purpose Cooperative which specializes on manufacturing of embroidered products and textile.

The purpose of the trip was to assist SAO in determining the specific training needs of the CSB-adopted organization, especially in the areas of management and marketing.

Officers and members of the cooperative showcased their products like gowns and barongs. Likewise, a discussion on the current state of the cooperative’s business gave the Benildean team an idea on which areas LMPC would be needing help, particularly in the education of the cooperative’s members in business management.

As a jump start on the marketing aspect of the cooperative’s products, Ms. Delantar, Ms. Gonzales and Mr. Rocha were made to model the exquisite apparel produced by the members of LMPC.

A sumptuous luncheon was served by the hospitable members of the cooperative right after the meeting and photo shoot.

Some of the findings of the group were:
  1. SAO’s earlier determination of the organization’s needs for “Conflict Resolution” and “Leadership” was very appropriate;
  2. The organization needs seminar/workshop on specific subjects such as budgeting and cash management;
  3. The organization has no system of prospecting or any marketing system that will encourage active customer search. Their product idea is limited to what they have and do now. In this regard, they need to be taught how to prospect for customers and how to develop new product ideas.

The CDP and its faculty members have committed to be a part of the training of the cooperative. Seminar/training schedules are now being prepared to help the cooperative manage its business properly.

Commented Mr. Pete Venida, “It was a trip well spent. It has given me a glimpse of what a determined organization like the College of St. Benilde could do to help the underprivileged and made me proud of being a part of it.”


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