Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mapping the Creative Industries

Tomorrow, the SDA will have a meeting with the British Council led by its Director Gill Westaway and the local officer, Susan Arcega. The agenda will focus on the Creative Industries, the latest 'buzz' words in the Asean region, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and America. In the simplest terms, the Creative Industries is a blanket term for the practice and profession of design, arts, media, performing arts, music, new media, etc. and how these industries are increasingly being recognized as having the potential for a country's economic growth. Countries like the UK (which started this movement of recognition) have identified upwards to 30% of their work force as involved in some way or the other in the Creative Industries.

As one of the creative powerhouses in Asia (although how this has been translated or developed for economic needs is another question), the Philippines stands to gain a lot once we can get our acts together for the realization of this 'promise'. The first step is 'mapping' of these industries, meaning the supply of facts and figures re the creative professions (i.e. how many professional photographers are there in the country) which are by the way, sorely lacking because if they have not been recognized in the first place then how can the data be gathered? This is where the SDA comes in thru the AM program, whose students can help in the mapping process.

Btw, we are the only school that has been approached partly due to the promise of help that Br. Andrew made to the Creative Industries Task Force before he passed away. Another reason is probably because we have the only Arts Management degree in the country.

Nonetheless, I believe this will benefit the program, its faculty and the students especially since we can use this experience as a rich training ground for future arts managers and will also give them a chance to be part of this exciting movement.

Will give updates soon!


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