Friday, July 14, 2006

A New Film Director from MMA!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back! Didn't we all have a nice break? Sana more to come...joke!

Just wanted to share some good news from the SDA front. One of our MMA graduates, Jeff Tan, 24 yo is now a bonafide film director. He is at the helm of the upcoming horror-thriller "White Lady" that's produced by Roselle Monteverde-Teo, daughter of Lily Yu Monteverde aka Mother Lily. What's significant about Jeff's movie is that unlike other young filmmakers today, his' is considered mainstream and not indie, meaning produced (aka financed) by a major film outfit (Regal Films and its subsidiaries), will have strong marketing campaign and thus the potential to reach more people. And based on Ram's and Jag's feedback re the trailer, the movie has good computer graphics (CG) special effects (proof of what we're teaching in the MMA?). I just hope the story will be good too but then again that's the scriptwriter's job.

I'd like to invite everyone in this blog and elsewhere to patronize our graduate's first film.

Also, we're planning to invite him to talk to the SDA students re his experience as a first-time director. I believe it's a rich source of information and insights that he can share with the community.

All for now, till next!


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