Friday, June 30, 2006

Yes, Virginia, the Answer is Execution

This is not about executing people. This is about doing things, worthwhile and important things. This is basically a rambling against organizational inertia. And the belief that execution will carry the day against inertia.

In a big organization like ours, and one which encourages self-organization at that, it is very tempting to sit still and wait for work which, by the way, does not fail to come our way. We work, and we get paid. A mutually satisfying contract, if I may say so.

But did we make a difference in our work? Did we just work on things we are expected to do or did we do other worthwhile things? I personally believe that if a thing is worthwhile doing, then I must do it. If the result will improve the way we do things here, then I must do it. This belief gave the College a better way of doing plantilla reports, a learning management system, an OVPA website, a curriculum portal, a College photo gallery, an LC Hub (which I left in good condition), several reference materials on various open source software, among others. All were done on top of things I was tasked to do in the first place.

All of these came from ideas which eventually came to fruition. And the difference lies in the persistence to execute the plans. I know people here at DLS-CSB who have lots of ideas, and who spend a lot more time talking about those ideas with anyone who would care to listen. But somehow, those ideas do not seem to take forms which eventually benefit members of the community or take unexplicably long time to bear fruit. Lots of talk, little or no execution.

If we start doing worthwhile things (as opposed to simply talking about them) and become more persistent in executing them, then we really have a very bright future ahead of us.


At 12:57 PM , Blogger Zaldi said...

I got queries on who this Virginia is. Of course, she is not Ms. Lara of SMIT :-). The line is actually a reference to the famous New York Sun editorial entitled Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.


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