Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Point Persons Identified

In May, we asked schools to identify point persons for four important school committees -- Curriculum Development, Faculty Development, Research and Marketing.

Here are the faculty members identified by the schools/offices:

Curriculum Development -- Mitali Goswami (SDA), John Xandre Baliza (SDEAS), Lucy Bustamante (SHRIM), Rogelio del Cano (SMIT), Jose Alain Austria (SMS), Mona Lisa Menguito (SPaCE), Ma. Teresa Jose (OSA), Marissa Rodriguez (CLCIR)

Faculty Development -- Jose Antonio Garcia (SDA), Joy Cristal (SDEAS), Gil Acuna (SHRIM), Cecilia Poblete (SMIT), Dr. George Lu (SMS), Mona Lisa Menguito (SPaCE), Socorro Bacay (OSA), Rodel Bugarin (CLCIR)

Research -- Robin Serrano (SDA), Maria Veronica Perez (SDEAS), Ramon Siocon (SHRIM), Dr. Evelyn Belleza (SMIT), Valentin Berdera (SMS), Paulino Villanueva (OSA)

Marketing -- Marie Virginia Alfon (SDA), Noemi Lacambacal (SDEAS), Angelo Lacson (SHRIM), David Terence Tiu (SMIT), George Binay (SMS), Randy Torrecampo (OSA)

Let us give to them our usual support, feedback, and suggestions.


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