Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Syllabus Design Training for SMIT EM & HR Faculty

Last Saturday, July 15, two batches of SMIT faculty completed a seminar-workshop on Syllabus Design, facilitated by Mr. Valentin Berdera of SMS. The seminar content adhered to the DLS-CSB syllabus template recommended by the Curriculum Task Force, with emphasis on developing course objectives.

It was an opportune time for the SMIT faculty to learn together as a community-individually reflecting on the courses they teach but collectively driven to improve the contents of their course syllabi. The faculty participants' steady interest, motivation and energy (especially the EM teachers') were a stark contrast to the day's intermittent weather. And that certainly made the day more pleasurable!

The two training sessions were interesting, enriching and to some extent, challenging for the participants and the facilitator (even the organizers :p). We are grateful to Mr. Terence Tiu and Atty. Sonny Reyes for the opportunity to get to know their teachers and become their partners in learning.

We look forward to sharing more learning experiences with you...


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