Friday, July 28, 2006

SDA, SDEAS, SMS Honors' Convocation

Just this afternoon, SDA, SDEAS, and SMS-CDA went on full force in the production of this year's Honors' Convocation.

SDA dominated much of the production, but SDEAS and SMS also contributed to the special numbers. I am pretty sure all of them are just so happy that everything went as smoothly as planned. The afternoon saw how the unique talent of one program complemented the others, making the whole production come alive from the contributions of the Schools. Everyone was beaming with pride as the activity came to an end. (We'll post the pictures by next week)

And, as I shared in the Opening Remarks, the program was not only meant to recognize the students' hard work in the previous school year, but it was also to congratulate their parents for choosing this instution to partner with them in realizing their son/daughter's potentials.

So, congratulations to all! 'Til next school year's Honors' Convocation...


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