Friday, September 22, 2006

Curriculum Officer

During the Seminar on Curriculum Development which I facilitated last September 12, I mentioned that DLS-CSB will soon have a Curriculum Officer, who will be part of and will play a vital role in the support structure we have conceived for our curriculum-related efforts. This person will work in tandem with the Head of the LC Instruction Unit (Marissa Rodriguez) and will have the following duties and responsibilites:
  1. Maintains and updates database information of program flowcharts and course syllabi
  2. Reviews, evaluates, and monitors current course syllabi and program flowcharts using the Learner-Centered Curriculum (LCC) Framework
  3. Documents subjects and courses developed
  4. Evaluates proposals for new courses and checks for compliance with the LCC Framework
  5. Conducts research on new developments in education, and assesses its relevance to the College
  6. Coordinates with School Deans and Program Chairpersons in matters pertinent to curriculum and its development
  7. Provides educational advice in the preparation and development of course syllabi
  8. Participates in the design of activities related to faculty training and development
  9. Assists and performs other functions as specified by the Center for Learner- Centered Instruction and Research Director
  10. Performs other administrative functions for general work processes
In other words, s/he will not only act as consultant but will also monitor compliance of programs to the framework. Watch out for CLCIR's announcement of the details of the application for the position.


At 9:17 PM , Blogger soc bacay said...

Sir, may i request that curriculum officer also consider coordination with OSA for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities integration?


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