Friday, June 02, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06

June 1 marks the release of the newest version of Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system. The event is important and a cause for celebration for those who value freedom in computing. It is free of charge. But more importantly, people have the freedom to customize it until it works the way they want it to.

On the other hand, the date is also probably a non-event for those who have been accustomed to using Windows XP. But imagine what happens when Windows XP licenses become too expensive. In fact, they are already. So an increasing number of companies, governments, universities, and organizations are starting to look at alternatives. At DLS-CSB, we have close to 100 Ubuntu workstations in the campus, deployed in offices, the eClassroom, and the iNook. My office PC has been running solely on Ubuntu since October 2004. That means I do not add to what the College needs to budget yearly for Windows XP licenses.

But since a lot of us are not willing to part with MS Office applications, the transition has become more difficult. As we continue to create .doc, .xls and .ppt files, the harder it will be for us to be weaned away from MS applications. But haven't you noticed that only Word can open .doc files? Wouldn't it be better if the file format is standard and you are allowed to choose which application to use in creating or editing the file? If your answer is yes, start using the OpenDocument format (ODF).

Open source and open standards are becoming more and more relevant.


At 3:01 PM , Blogger Caths Deen said...

Thanks for this info, Zaldi. I am seriously thinking of using ubuntu for my laptop...

At 5:49 PM , Blogger Zaldi said...

I can help you with the installation, Caths. To see a running Ubuntu 6.06 system, you can drop by the office (OVPA) or the CLCIR (Marissa's PC).

At 6:15 PM , Blogger Witay said...

The new Ubuntu version has just been installed in my office PC, thanks to Dr. Nocon. I am now enjoying hearing my favorite music on my computer- something I always thought I can only do when Sir Odie's computer is available (and I am free to log in, hehe).

I will start creating presentation files in OpenOffice, to begin my "weaning away" from Windows XP. (",)

At 10:54 AM , Blogger Ram said...

I am happy to say that we in MMA included Linux and Linux based applications in our curriculum specifically in BASICOM. Since MMA is also handling the BASICOM classes of the whole SDA that means that all students in SDA will be exposed to the system.

We are training our students in this OS so that they can setup their studios at a minimal cost. We cannot just abandon XP and Mac OS since these are the platform of the industry and we need to make our graduates competitive in that area.

Hopefully the new batch of SDA graduates can influence their bosses to shift to a more cost effective system.

More power sir to this endeavor. If you have any other suggestions on how we can fast-track this effort, kindly update us.

At 6:41 PM , Blogger Zaldi said...

This is great news Ram! I am happy that you have taken steps towards this direction. I agree with what you said about Windows XP and OS X. They are here to stay. The key is giving the students choices and exposing them to Linux, Joomla, Blender, PHP and other open source projects. Even if they want to set up a "cost effective systems" but we did not teach them how, they do not actually have a choice do they?

I hope that this move will also influence how we hire and who we hire as teachers. Again, if the teachers know a specific skill set only, it becomes another non-choice for the students.

I support and welcome this move. More power to you and to your team!


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