Friday, October 20, 2006

Online Professional Development Modules

As part of our continuing search for alternative modes of delivering professional development offerings, I have proposed a two-phase project which aims to develop training materials which will be delivered via DLS-CSB's online infrastructure to our faculty members. This could be a key component of the professional development program of the College. In addition, this will address the much-expressed need of faculty members who are not able to join our usual face-to-face offerings due to time constraints, etc.

In particular, the project will focus on the design and development of a pedagogic framework and pilot course material(s) that conform to a set of standards, including but not limited to meeting the needs of the target learners and taking advantage of opportunities afforded by what we refer to as e-learning.

I have been working on Phase 1 for quite some time. We should see the first fully-functional, standards-compliant online module by Term 1 SY 2007-2008.

Wish me success :-)


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