Thursday, October 12, 2006

SHRIM Attendance in ProQuest and Thomson Gale Orientation Sessions

Staying on track in their quest for excellence, some 25 faculty members of SHRIM participated in the two-day (Oct 4 & 6) orientation on the use of the ProQuest and Thomson Gale gigantic online information services.

Introduced by the dynamic LRC Director, Cely Cayaban, and resource person Joshua Tiu (CSB alumnus) of the Hong Kong-based iGROUP in coordination with CLCIR, the SHRIM force was challenged and inspired by the huge amount of information yet presented in an accessible, user-friendly format.

Feedback 1: "ProQuest information service provided search and retrieval of one of the world's largest info collections."

Feedback 2: "Thomson Gale is power search for the world's information and education needs."

Truly fascinating, such technology will afford us to focus on the current as well as future trends of the hospitality industry... an ongoing journey without a finish line. Only then that we, as educators and business leaders, can walk our talk.


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