Wednesday, June 07, 2006

CG Conference in Singapore

Yesterday, I had two guests from Singapore visit the SDA office. Justin and Sen are instructors of the 3dsense Media School, one of the many government accredited multimedia schools in Singa, which has put together "CG overdrive 2006: Asia's Largest Computer Graphics Conference".

They came over to invite our students and faculty to this conference and based on the initial response of the MMA students there are already a large number who have signified interest in attending. The event will be a gathering of CG (computer graphics) artists, professionals, academics and enthusiasts and will showcase CG technology,products and education. We had a chat about the field of computer animation today and there was a general agreement (including me) that this field will become one of the fastest growing industries in the country and the world. And I have seen the signs myself, it's undeniable!

Animation is such a world in itself, speaks its own language, and one that is spoken by the youth of today. I'm glad we've caught on fast with this development and applied for the first Bachelors Degree in Animation program in Metro Manila (the other one is in Ateneo de Naga). I have a hunch that this program will take off in the same way that MMA did!

Sen expressed his admiration for the innate creativity of the Filipinos and he was gushing about the prize winning animated clip produced by one of our MMA students (showed it to the AC last time). He said that it was so uniquely expressive of Filipino culture and compared our style to the Manga and Anime artists of Japan. They said that a lot of Filipino animators are being hired in Singapore, a testament to their recognition of our Pinoy creativity.They also shared with us the fact that the Singapore gov't are all out in giving support to academic institutions focused on the Creative Industries.

They promised that if we are to visit them, they will show us around various multimedia schools and arrange a meeting w the Singaporean gov't. Hmmm...sounds promising.

The conference will happen on July 14-16, 2006.


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