Friday, June 02, 2006

SDA Meeting with Bro D

The SDA had a meeting last Tuesday with Bro Dodo at the ungodly (for most SDA pipol) hour of 9 am! It was a good getting to know you and your program type of meeting with Bro asking each Chair what their programs are about. To help him I made a 'codego' of all the names of the Chairs so that he can address them by their names. Bro's questions ranged from SDA's history to enrollment figures to budgets to student profiles to industry perceptions to other design schools to how the community perceives the SDA etc etc etc. Everyone participated actively and made the session truly worthwhile waking up early for! (the coffee helped of course :))

I'd also like to add that I like my present SDA team composed of three new Chairpersons (Tyrone-Music, Jun-Ind Des and Robin-Arts Man), three newish (Kets-Dance, Lito-Prod Des, Monet-Tech Theat) and three stalwarts (Ram-MMA, Mitali-Fashion and Mina-Int Des). I hope this group will remain steady for the next few years for the sake of managerial sanity!


At 3:03 PM , Blogger Caths Deen said...

Congratulations, Gerry! I encourage them to join me during our career talk activities. Most talks occur from July to August. :)


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