Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wanted: Display Area

SDO has a happy problem in that the small office cannot anymore accommodate the increasing number of trophies that our athletes have earned and continue to earn! :-) As of this writing there are 98 trophies to be displayed or archived.

Ms Cely Cayaban has graciously volunteered either wall in front of the LRC (Taft Campus) to display current year's trophies, and pretty soon a space inside the LRC for the archiving. We hope to convince GAS to secure the area for trophies display. The suggested alternative site is the canteen mezzanine but i think we need a more prominent place of display to duly recognize the accomplishments of the College. Another alternative is to have shelves along the hallways (suggestion by Eric Soriano).

What do you think?


At 3:53 PM , Blogger Zaldi said...

I think that the area offered by Cely will serve the purpose. As for the hallways, which ones are these?

At 4:50 PM , Blogger Cely said...

Dear Soc,

Another suggestion. The wall between the back door of Admission Center and PUSO is also big. Most of the students,visitors and parents usually pass by this area to go to either the Comfort Room, Books Store and LRC Extension. What do you think?



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