Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ganda ng Lola Mo! (Beauty Inside and Out)

The Exit Interview with the Dean on August 19, 2006 restrained me to be with the organizing team of Ms. Gae Mocas' TOURSEM H3Z's seminar on "Personality Development Inside and Outside" at 1:00PM- 5:00PM, MPH.

Around 150 students eagerly listened to brilliant speakers, ramp model Patty Betita of John Robert Powers, Dr. Marivic Policarpio of Mendez Medical Group and Weightless Center, and Mr. Arnold dela Cruz, the Training Director of Philippine Airlines. As the students were sharing their thoughts about the speakers, one can see from their actions that indeed, they learned a lot. Learning, however, is one thing and practicing it is another. Germanely, our faculty members are tasked to assess how the personality gurus will rev up our Tourism majors.

The students would like to share some insights from the seminar:
  1. People who are insecure always try to destroy other people.
  2. Learn from the past. Make this your learning experience.
  3. Three (3) important things that hinder a person's success: (a) Mayabang, (b) Matapobre, (c) Chismosa
  4. Body parts on which you wear perfume or cologne: (a) Pulse area, (b) Behind the ears, (c) Neck, (d) Elbows, (e) Knees
  5. Don't leave your things unattended or left behind after your interview.
  6. As courtesy, take one step backward before turning your back on the interviewer.
  7. Say "thank you" after your interview.
  8. Maintain a clean face.
One thing that surprised all was when Ms. Patty Betita stated "doing ordinary things extraordinarily". Yes, she's not a Benildean but she practices what Benildeans are... in mind and heart.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

DLS-CSB Int'l Animation Entry

Dear All,

Just sharing with you our little victories in the SDA...

RP entry to int’l animation tilt

By Marinel Cruz Inquirer
Last updated 09:27pm (Mla time) 08/29/2006
Published on Page F1 of the August 30, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

INQUIRER comics strip contributor Blog Caliguia’s short animation film “Doodle of Doom” is the Philippine representative to the prestigious Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons Network Animation Festival.

Caliguia and partner Jason Confesor are competing with 30 other finalists from countries like France, Canada, Germany, England and the United States to win a cash prize of $10,000.

According to its website,, the festival was launched in 2004. Its aim: “To showcase the diversity of worldwide animation filmmaking.”

Animators from around the world were asked to submit entries until May 31. “Doodle of Doom” and Yeo Lee Nah’s “Crocodile Journals” (Singapore) are the only two entries from Asia. Korean finalist Dong Jun-heo, whose film is titled “Egg Song,” is based in the United States.

Judging this year’s competition are Hollywood comedians Shawn and Marlon Wayans (“Little Man,” “White Chicks” and the new animated special “Thugaboo”), Seth MacFarlane (creator of “Family Guy”), Andreas Deja (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin” and “Lilo & Stitch”), independent animator Bill Plympton (“The Tune,” “Microtoons,” “Boomtown” and “Plymptoons”), and last year’s Producers Choice and Student Award Winner, JG Quintel.

All six judges screened the submitted films during the festival held in Los Angeles, California, on Aug. 12 and 13, and rated them based on “story, animation, design, entertainment value and fun factor.” Winners will be announced tomorrow.

Other prizes at stake are the Producer’s Choice Award, Student Award, Diversity Award and Viewer’s Choice Award.

Already a winnerNelson “Blog” Caliguia Jr., 21, is a multimedia arts student at the College of St. Benilde. He is the creator of “Inday Wanda,” which comes out weekly in the Inquirer’s Comics section. Confesor is his classmate.

Caliguia said “Doodle of Doom” was initially made as an entry to two local contests—the 4th Animazing Shorts competition and The Graphic Expo. It won the grand prize (amateur level) in both contests.

“It was just a school project,” Caliguia told Inquirer Entertainment on Saturday. “Our instructors exempted us from other school work just so we could concentrate on it. They said it had been four years since the school won any animation award over Ateneo.”

When Caliguia’s mom, Mina, first told him about the Nickelodeon contest, the young artist was hesitant. “It’s an international contest. We really didn’t think our work stood a chance,” he pointed out.

He added that the other finalists are already professionals—art directors and animation directors in their respective countries.

“Milya-milya ang layo namin sa mga kalaban (We were miles behind),” said Mina, who is the managing director of Artfarm Asia Animation, an RP-based animation training and service provider. “I think Blog and Jason’s work was chosen because it’s a novelty. It really looks like something from a Third World country. Seeing people living in shanties maybe common to us Filipinos, but not to Westerners. Most of the other entries are comedy films.”

The Caliguias said they didn’t expect “Doodle of Doom” to win the top Nicktoons prize, and that they considered being part of the competition prestige enough.

But there’s another prize that Caliguia and Confesor could bring home—the Viewer’s Choice Award, whose winner will be announced on Sept. 18. Viewers could vote online until Sept. 15. The finalists are already being aired on Nickelodeon.

Animation forumMeanwhile, Artfarm Asia hosted an animation forum held last week with Pixar Animation Studio’s Ronnie del Carmen as main speaker.

Del Carmen, a Filipino, worked on the hit animation film “Finding Nemo” as head of story. Prior to joining Pixar, he worked at Dreamworks and Warner Bros.

Reported Mina: “What we got out of the forum was a commitment from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Film Development Council (FDCP) to come up with something written and tangible for the animation industry. This will either be to set up an agency for local animators, or to look for grants.”

Panelists at the forum were: Christine Dayrit, chair of the Cinema Evaluation Board and vice chair of FDCP, Mark Meily, filmmaker, Tony Gloria, Unitel Pictures producer, Clodualdo del Mundo, filmmaker and head of the National Committee on Cinema of the NCCA, Tikoy Aguiluz, founder of the Cinemanila International Film Festival, Cecille Alvarez, NCCA chair and Rod Cornejo, GMA Network’s communications relation officer.

“It’s good that we’re now discussing the state of the animation industry here,” said Mina. “Even (Hollywood production firm) Bigfoot Entertainment has announced that it has a film fund that can be made available to local filmmakers. This could also [benefit] the animation industry. Not all films are shot live; there could be opportunities for animators, too.”

Bigfoot recently announced it was willing to finance or co-produce a movie “with a Filipino concept and an English script” for as much as $1-2 million. The Cebu-based Hollywood production company is working with the FDCP on this project.

Doodle of Doom is Official RP Entry to Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

On my way to work, I bought a Philippine Daily Inquirer and was pleasantly surprised to read the cover story of the Entertainment section. Entitled RP entry to international animation tilt (written by Marinel R. Cruz.), it features our Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts students Nelson Caliguia, Jr. and Jason Confesor's Doodle of Doom as the Philippines' official entry the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Their work is the only entry from the Philippines and one of only two from Asia! We can help them win the "Viewer's Choice Award" by voting for their video online.

I personally liked the subtitle of the article which said: "PDI contributor and buddy, both art students, compete with established pros." Look at what DLS-CSB students can do! :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

SDA Shows/Exhibits

It's that time of the term again when I get inundated with invites for all types of shows, exhibits, performances, recitals, panels, etc. from the different programs of the SDA. Although I'm tempted to say no to most as it takes away precious time from my desk, I've realized how much it means to the students to see the Dean's presence in these events. Seeing them also gives me a chance to see the student's outputs manifests the faculty's mentoring and guidance.

Since last week I've seen the ff: a festival of short videos co-produced by MMA and Music Prod with one doing the video and the other doing the musical scoring, a play by Prod Des students called 'Professor Tuko' which was hilarious and wonderfully acted by MMA/SMIT students, an Ind Design exhibit just outside my office which is very popular with the student's interactive inclinations (aka sitting on and touching the products), a Prod Design video thesis called 'Agleon' which I wasn't able to finish as I had to rush back to the office but was quite an eye-opener on how young men think/talk/view life nowadays directed by Martin Cabrera who is btw the son of Gen Narciso Cabrera, a Freehand Drawing exhibit of transferee sections under the tutelage of RM De Leon, a notable artist himself, that made me very proud of the student's talents and their capacity to learn how to draw in one term (still on going at the Mutien 3rd floor, highly recommended) and the faculty's approach in teaching them various drawing techniques, and Mio Infante's set design class exhibit with scale models of theater set designs.

I was not able to go to three MMA exhibits (which are always blockbusters and constant testaments to our MMA students' talents and the MMA faculty's hard work and guidance) due to lack of time but will be catching Nathan Mazo's Tech Theater thesis tonight at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute, the first time that an SDA production is being held in that venerated institution. 'Duyan ng Kagitingan', as the show is called, is set in pre-Islamic Philippines and has gotten everyone in Prod Design and Tech Theater excited (blue forms galore!) with their participation backstage and onstage and is also one of the first collaborations between Arts Man, Prod Des, Tech Theater, and Dance so I'm looking forward to seeing tonight's performance. Please try to catch it tonight at 6 pm or tom at 8 pm.

Coming up are exhibits by Fashion Des with garments using wicker and cane, a costume design exhibit under Eric Pineda's class and another play from Prod Design students. Whew! I hope I can get some of my work done this week. :)

I can just imagine the number of shows and exhibits we will have when we move to the new building and the lively and fun atmosphere it will have when our students proudly show off their outputs for each term. Abangan!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Practicumers' Exit Interview with the Dean: Advantages and Disadvantages

In terms of the practicumers' learning experience and productivity improvement, there are advantages and disadvantages to being in a small group when having the Exit Interview with the Dean.

Let me share first the advantages I observed last August 12, with the first batch of 70 students (from 10-12 AM), as well as the second batch of 65 students (from 2-4 PM). I was so glad to hear, first hand, that they
  1. gave detailed reports on incidents they encountered in their workplace;
  2. shared their overwhelming and amazing experiences with their hotel/airline guests/customers;
  3. realized the significance of in-house practicum;
  4. gave good suggestions to further improve the curriculum and the facilities;
  5. realized why their teachers needed to be strict in attendance and tardiness;
  6. were thankful of the school dress code and proper grooming;
  7. mentioned how proud they were of the school.
Worth emphasizing here was the experience of one who was bribed by a customer in the Customer Check-in Counter to upgrade his ticket to the business section. Realizing the Benildean values inculcated in school, the student immediately but politely refused the offer. The student was thankful that Saint Benilde was seated beside him.

The disadvantage of having to be present in the interview was that I missed the American Dreamz movie at 2:30 PM. This is just an account of the meeting with the first two groups of students. I’m pretty sure that there will be more “testimonies” from the other 2 groups on August 19, 2006.

Meanwhile, let me be free and happy to see Freedomland without guilt.

Who Needs Harvard?

I visited and was pleasantly surprised that the cover story was entitled "Who Needs Harvard?" This article shows a very modern view of college admissions where the idea of branded Ivy League schools may not necessarily be the best choice for everybody. Read it and be convinced! Here are some teaser quotes from the article:

"The rules have changed. The world has changed...COLLEGE IS A MATCH TO BE MADE, NOT A PRIZE TO BE WON."

"Just because you haven't heard of a college doesn't mean it's no good," argues Marilee Jones, the admissions dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an outspoken advocate of the idea that parents need to lighten up. "Just as you've changed and grown since college, colleges are changing and growing."

"Only seven CEOs from the current top 50 FORTUNE 500 companies were Ivy League undergraduates."

From a parent: "I was thinking name brand in the beginning, but now I really believe in this match idea."

Although I do not downplay the value of branding, I believe that the most important consideration for choosing a college is the fit or match of the students' giftings and passions and what the school can actually offer. In the end, success in life is not determined by what name is reflected in the diploma. Just as Pope mentioned in the article: "It's your own specific gravity, not the name of the school, that matters."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Co-curricular Offerings

This afternoon, I met with Tin (SMS Dean), Soc (OSA Dean), Annie (MathSci Chairperson), Joey (English Chairperson), Beni (of ORDEV and Academic Advising Council), Pam (of LEAP and the Student Learning Center), and Paul (of NSTP).

The meeting touched on co-curricular offerings at DLS-CSB and on how the group will answer basic questions like
  • Which programs are being offered at DLS-CSB (and not offered in other schools or are not being offered in other schools the way we are offering them here) to merit such high tuition fees?
  • What added value does a parent (or student) get out of programs like Extended Math/English, SLC, ORDEV, Academic Advising, etc.?
  • How does the College find out if these programs are effective or are managed effectively?
It was resolved that, as a first step towards coming up with more efficient and valuable programs, each will prepare a unit portfolio, taking stock of what the program currently offers. We will then make sure that current offerings are evaluated for effectiveness and relevance to students' needs and goals and, in case there are gaps identified, offerings will be refined and/or new ones are developed.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

CDA Students in the EU Whiz Mind Encounter

Last July 21, the first two sets of the European Union Competition elimination round was held at De La Salle University. We are very proud to announce that our students, Joyce Sadiarin, Ian Agsalda, and Thomas "Beau" Dela Cruz (who happens to be the newly-elected VP-Activities of the Student Council) topped the elimination round. Mind you, it was not a close round! They were way ahead with 14 points (while the second placer came in with only 8 points!). We were pitted against students from De La Salle University, La Consolacion College, and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

The team was definitely in high spirits. This may also be due to the support and preparation of our CDA teachers who worked tirelessly with them, rain or shine. Let me also extend my congratulations to Mr. Francisco Fojas (as Faculty Coach), Mr. George Binay (who gave an inspirational talk to the team before the competition) and, of course, our other ever-reliable CDA teachers, Mr. Alain Austria and Ms. Anna Solar. All of whom gave their share of lectures every chance they get. As CDA Chair, Ms. May Lorica pointed out, "the real clincher is the determination and passion of our student-contestants".

So why am I sharing this just now? Well, as you may have guessed, they won in the elimination round, this means they will have to compete in the Grand Finals. At 1 pm on August 18, 2006 they will face Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), and University of the Philippines in the Final Round of this inter-collegiate quiz at SM Mega Mall, Mandaluyong City. Ambassador Jan de Kok, Head of Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines will be there to award the grand winner.

With this, let us extend our prayers and support to Joyce, Ian, and Beau. We hope to see you there to cheer the team. Animo Benilde!!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Student Involvement Unit Coordinator

Norie Malazarte joins the wonderful, hardworking, dedicated Benildean faculty and staff of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) as Coordinator of the Student Involvement Unit (SIU). Ms. Norie earned her undergraduate degree in BS Psychology from the Ateneo de Naga and is currently pursuing Master's Degree in Community Development at UP Diliman.

Please give Ms. Malazarte your usual, charming Benildean welcome.

Been to the DLS-CSB Admissions Website Lately?

Have you been to the DLS-CSB Admissions website lately? I suggest that you give it a view. With the help of the MCO, we had simplified the format and made the site more user-friendly. Inspired by the format of this website, we introduced separate paths for various types of applicants.

We also made the admissions timetable, admissions-related forms and DLS-CSB college prospectus downloadable. To help our applicants accomplish the DLS-CSB Application Form, we had converted it to a fillable pdf format.

Of course, we welcome new ideas to further improve our site. One request, though -- tell your friends and prospective students about our new site and encourage them to apply.

Go! Go Benilde!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meet the Newly Elected SC Executive Board

More than one thousand two hundred students cast their votes in this year's Student Council Elections, a record high for the Benildeans.

Congratulations to this School Year's Student Council officers, from left to right: President - Zernan Ecer Agbon (BSBA-HRM), VP-Activities - Thomas Dela Cruz (AB-CDA), VP-Concerns - Arnold Cruz (AB-MMA), VP-Operations - Van Joseph Topacio, and Treasurer - Vincent Paul Ricafort (AB-ID).

Oath-taking will be held during the Mass tomorrow at the Chapel. Congratulations to the Student Council officers and members, and we pray for the Lord God to bless the work of their hands.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Refurbished OVPA Website

The OVPA Website ( is undergoing a freshening up. We have removed some features and it is now a lean website containing just the essentials. You can find a list of services offered by and functions facilitated at the OVPA. These include processing of Hiring, Promotion/Reclassification, Benefits, transactions with SSS, PhilHealth, MedServ, among others. There is also information on who among the OVPA personnel can handle these transactions.

In the Documents section, you can find forms which you can fill out and print. Included are application forms for Faculty Development Grant/Loan, Advanced Studies Grant, Leave, and Clearance, among others.

Kindly spread the word regarding this site...

Note: If you encounter a problem when accessing the site (usually related to proxy settings), contact ACTC at locals 112 or 265.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka... Hmmm

It was raining hard, and yet one would find excited families in full force during the Honors' Convocation. Yes, SHRIM catered to almost 300 guests (parents and students) during the said activity on July 27 at the Banquet Hall of the Hotel!

SHRIM awarded 117 honor students and the champions of the 7 culinary and F&B competitions held off-campus. It is also interesting that SHRIM has 3 students that made it to the top 10 of the College and each received a cash award from AVP-LISS Mrs. Victoria Dayao.

The occasion was also an opportunity for the BAKIPA and GARDMA highly spirited students to showcase their hot and cold food preparations, while the F&B Service component was pleasantly executed by the FACIDES students.

The hard rain somehow contributed to the momentous event, otherwise our guests would have missed the sumptous food and the entertaining intermission numbers like the ballet, hip-hop dance and the well applauded flairtending exhibition by Matthew Burgos.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CDP Partners with SAO in Lumban Cooperative Needs Assesment

Representatives from the Career Development Program (CDP) and Social Action Office (SAO) embarked on an assessment trip on the Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Lumban, Laguna on July 22, 2006. The representatives included Ms. Liselle Delantar and Mr. Leo Cortez (both of SAO), and CDP faculty members, Pete Venida (Marketing), Philip James Rocha (IT), Christine Bautista (Human Resources), and Ma. Louiela Gonzales (Staff). The group took time to assess the current progress of the said Multi-Purpose Cooperative which specializes on manufacturing of embroidered products and textile.

The purpose of the trip was to assist SAO in determining the specific training needs of the CSB-adopted organization, especially in the areas of management and marketing.

Officers and members of the cooperative showcased their products like gowns and barongs. Likewise, a discussion on the current state of the cooperative’s business gave the Benildean team an idea on which areas LMPC would be needing help, particularly in the education of the cooperative’s members in business management.

As a jump start on the marketing aspect of the cooperative’s products, Ms. Delantar, Ms. Gonzales and Mr. Rocha were made to model the exquisite apparel produced by the members of LMPC.

A sumptuous luncheon was served by the hospitable members of the cooperative right after the meeting and photo shoot.

Some of the findings of the group were:
  1. SAO’s earlier determination of the organization’s needs for “Conflict Resolution” and “Leadership” was very appropriate;
  2. The organization needs seminar/workshop on specific subjects such as budgeting and cash management;
  3. The organization has no system of prospecting or any marketing system that will encourage active customer search. Their product idea is limited to what they have and do now. In this regard, they need to be taught how to prospect for customers and how to develop new product ideas.

The CDP and its faculty members have committed to be a part of the training of the cooperative. Seminar/training schedules are now being prepared to help the cooperative manage its business properly.

Commented Mr. Pete Venida, “It was a trip well spent. It has given me a glimpse of what a determined organization like the College of St. Benilde could do to help the underprivileged and made me proud of being a part of it.”

Mapping the Creative Industries

Tomorrow, the SDA will have a meeting with the British Council led by its Director Gill Westaway and the local officer, Susan Arcega. The agenda will focus on the Creative Industries, the latest 'buzz' words in the Asean region, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and America. In the simplest terms, the Creative Industries is a blanket term for the practice and profession of design, arts, media, performing arts, music, new media, etc. and how these industries are increasingly being recognized as having the potential for a country's economic growth. Countries like the UK (which started this movement of recognition) have identified upwards to 30% of their work force as involved in some way or the other in the Creative Industries.

As one of the creative powerhouses in Asia (although how this has been translated or developed for economic needs is another question), the Philippines stands to gain a lot once we can get our acts together for the realization of this 'promise'. The first step is 'mapping' of these industries, meaning the supply of facts and figures re the creative professions (i.e. how many professional photographers are there in the country) which are by the way, sorely lacking because if they have not been recognized in the first place then how can the data be gathered? This is where the SDA comes in thru the AM program, whose students can help in the mapping process.

Btw, we are the only school that has been approached partly due to the promise of help that Br. Andrew made to the Creative Industries Task Force before he passed away. Another reason is probably because we have the only Arts Management degree in the country.

Nonetheless, I believe this will benefit the program, its faculty and the students especially since we can use this experience as a rich training ground for future arts managers and will also give them a chance to be part of this exciting movement.

Will give updates soon!