Friday, June 30, 2006

"In Your Best Interest..."

The Admissions Center had its planning workshop yesterday and needless to say, it was a success. To help the Admissions staff imbibe the Lasallian Guiding Principles, we had an LGP session with Polie of LMO in the morning. In the afternoon, we had a reflective activity on our customer service. Using the service feedback form results and ideas from service guru Ron Kaufman, we were able to identify our service problems and think of creative solutions as a group. One of these solutions was inspired by this tip. To address our problems of recurring queries, we decided to put up posters stating: "In your best interest, please read your admission flyers."; "In your best interest, please bring your complete requirements." This is just one of many. A great start if I should say so myself.

Thanks to Ram Nolasco for the links.

Yes, Virginia, the Answer is Execution

This is not about executing people. This is about doing things, worthwhile and important things. This is basically a rambling against organizational inertia. And the belief that execution will carry the day against inertia.

In a big organization like ours, and one which encourages self-organization at that, it is very tempting to sit still and wait for work which, by the way, does not fail to come our way. We work, and we get paid. A mutually satisfying contract, if I may say so.

But did we make a difference in our work? Did we just work on things we are expected to do or did we do other worthwhile things? I personally believe that if a thing is worthwhile doing, then I must do it. If the result will improve the way we do things here, then I must do it. This belief gave the College a better way of doing plantilla reports, a learning management system, an OVPA website, a curriculum portal, a College photo gallery, an LC Hub (which I left in good condition), several reference materials on various open source software, among others. All were done on top of things I was tasked to do in the first place.

All of these came from ideas which eventually came to fruition. And the difference lies in the persistence to execute the plans. I know people here at DLS-CSB who have lots of ideas, and who spend a lot more time talking about those ideas with anyone who would care to listen. But somehow, those ideas do not seem to take forms which eventually benefit members of the community or take unexplicably long time to bear fruit. Lots of talk, little or no execution.

If we start doing worthwhile things (as opposed to simply talking about them) and become more persistent in executing them, then we really have a very bright future ahead of us.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

No More Styro!

Hello! Just wanted to share with y'all some good news for today, this time in the area of environmental responsibility. I went down to get some chow and was pleasantly surprised to know that styro containers are now banned from the CSB caf! Now isn't that something to smile about? Some concessionaires have not found replacements yet (hence no takeout) but Koi already has nice cardboard boxes for take out orders. I asked the staff the price difference of cardboard and styro and they said its P2 per which may be a substantial increase for the owners (unless they pass it on to the buyers) but then hey, it's our environment!

So kudos to GAS and to the people who pushed for this. Finally we're practicing what we're preaching in NATSCA2!

While we're on the topic, why don't we suggest other policies to cut down waste in our campus. Here's mine: put a box beside the accounting window where faculty get their checks so that they can recycle those small brown envelopes. Can you imagine how many we buy every month and worse, how many of these get chucked in the bin after the recipient gets the checks? There's no markings or names on the envelopes anyway so these can easily be recycled. I still remember years ago during my part time days when I would keep those just because I would feel guilty throwing them away. (Hello Ms Mayette!)

Anyway, here's to a greener world for us and the next generations!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Invitation to Pursue MaLT

The Master in Learning and Teaching (MaLT) program was designed primarily to support the College's vision-mission of being a learner-centered academic institution that recognizes and responds to learners' diversity. This is a 36-unit degree program with courses that include among others, key aspects in education such as principles and techniques of teaching, assessment, and use of technology.

Since its inception in 2002 (then a module-based faculty development program solely under CSB), the MaLT program (now a degree program of CED at DLSU Manila) has produced 10 graduates, and has about 15 more teachers expected to graduate in the next two terms.

For the past year, we at the CLCIR have been very pleased with the number of teachers who have expressed interest in pursuing MaLT. Unfortunately, the preparation of application requirements have put the prospective students at a standstill. There have been four batches of MaLT students so far and indeed, we wish to have a fifth batch!

This term, we are renewing our call for faculty members who are interested to pursue MaLT. Our office will be glad to respond to queries related to this matter and assist in every way we can.

We hope for your continued support...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Investing for the Future (Kusinero ng Bukas)

It seems Filipinos who dream of becoming chefs or joining the culinary industry are realizing the cost-effectiveness of SHRIM's ADICA program, not only in terms of monetary returns, but as well as achieving their dreams in the fastest possible time.

I thought that it was interesting to note that given the country's present economic situation, we still get students who are willing to pay the exorbitant tuirtion fee of PhP325,000. To date, we already have 13 enrollees and inquiries are still pouring in. Thanks also in part to proper advertising and to Walter Ang of MCO who has tirelessly written about the program. More than that, I guess we can safely say that we have made our mark in the culinary industry.

If you have friends who might be interested to enroll in this program that will start on July 17, kindly tell them to get in touch with Ms. Weng Antonio at 521-5848 or they may email her directly at

DLS-CSB as a Living System

"Organizations are living systems," says Margaret Wheatley. "We want organizations to be adaptive, flexible, self-renewing, resilient, learning, intelligent --- attributes found ony in living systems."

More than two years ago, the College made known its intention to become more like a living system (as opposed to having machine-like attributes). We even talked about having meaningful conversations and making connections.

We hoped then that as the College organizes as a living system, each one of us would develop shared understanding of what is important, what is acceptable behavior, what actions are required, and how these actions will get done. We expected too that each one of us will demonstrate self-organizing behaviors and that school leaders will support these self-organizing efforts.

So the question is, "Are we a living system yet?" Why or why not?


P.S. Before posting your comments, take time to read these articles (to ensure that the "conversation" is truly meaningful):

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Increased Rice Subsidy

Here's a welcome news for full-time faculty members (teaching faculty and ASF).

The rice subsidy is increased by more than 125% (from PhP1350 to PhP3050) effective this school year as part of the across the board (ATB) increase given as de minimis benefit. The distribution of this benefit will now be done twice a year, 50% of the total amount every six months. We are making arrangements so that the amount goes directly to our payroll accounts, so that we don't have to line up at the Accounting Office. The first release comes with the July 10 pay.

As practiced, all those who have rendered at least six (6) months of service at the scheduled time of distribution shall be entitled to the benefit. This means that probationary faculty members hired effective Term 3 SY 2005-2006 are included in the first release. Those hired after the said period will get their benefit in December, at the same time the others will get their next 50%.

Extra rice... extra rice...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ASF or Teaching Faculty?

I recently received a query from an academic service faculty (ASF) member of CLPA as regards a possible "jump" from his current rank (II-1) to a higher rank once he finishes his PhD. He told me that he is "confused" because he has been hearing people say that a PhD degree is not a requirement among ASFs. He is therefore thinking of converting from ASF to teaching faculty given his teaching and professional experience.

My reply? I told him that conversion is a very feasible option, especially if he has a clear professional development plan for himself. I also confirmed that a PhD is not required of an ASF (Faculty Manual, page 31). Personally, I do not believe that a PhD is required to function fully as an academic service personnel either. Maybe for teaching or research. But not for academic service. So if one really wants to put that PhD degree to good use, he should opt to join the teaching ranks.

As for promotion, an ASF needs to compile years of experience in his unit and produce outputs in order to earn promotion. If an ASF finds that a bit too slow, I recommend conversion. But of course, he needs to find a School to accept him first. And prepare for things like lesson planning, checking papers, being rated by students, observed by peers and superiors, using various teaching strategies, being available for student consultations, talking to parents, doing classroom research, developing instructional materials, etc.

In the end, there must be this realization that ASFs and teachers really have very different functions. It is a matter of choosing which of the two jobs satisfies our personal and professional goals.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OCA Artist Recital

Be mesmerized by the performances of our artists - Dulaang Filipino, Coro San Benildo, and Footworks Dance Theatre.
June 21 (W)
1 pm and 7 pm shows
at the Augusto-Rosario Gonzales Theater

SMS Meeting with CLPA

Speaking of foreign students, our SMS team had a meeting with CLPA yesterday. Included in the discussion is the possibility of integrating a test for foreign students (yes, a TOEFL type of test) in the Admission testing process. Currently, SMS have been doing a separate placement testing for foreigners (as to who will go to the regular English classes and who will go to the English and Filipino for foriegn students).

We will call for a meeting with English Area reps, Filipino Area reps, Foreign Students Unit, Registrar's office, CLPA, and the Admissions Office to discuss our proposed programs and explore possible interventions for them.

Also, in the discussion, we agreed that it is high time we look at the importance of testing as a regular procedure. Marife, the CLPA director, gave me the impression that there is still a stigma of sorts when one is called to undergo testing (especially one that is psychological in nature). People still have the misconception (as they do in going to a counselor or psychologist), that going through such means that you are a mental case. Not necessarily. It should not be viewed as an insult to ask teachers (applicants or even invited professors) and students to go through psychological testing. It is supposed to be seen as an opprotunity to find out more about ourselves rather than view it as a mere tool to label your "disorder". Besides, CLPA has a good set of standardized tests and they have a good number of well-trained people who can help develop, administer, and use these tests. Why not optimize the services that they have been very willing to share?

Overall, the almost four hours FGD and meeting with CLPA was well worth our time. We all learned from each other. Proof of an organic system's continuous quest to grow by learning from each unit.

For Sale, For Donation?

We have a number of double deck beds (wood), mattresses, and spring metal beds that need to be either sold or donated. You might know some people who will be only too glad to buy them, or perhaps a community we can donate them to, while they are still useful and in relatively good condition.

Monday, June 19, 2006

AKIC Pep Rally

We will have another pep rally today, C-Break, at the AKIC Campus. This, and the first one held last Friday, aims to officially present the athletes who will represent DLS-CSB in the 82nd Season of the NCAA to the rest of the Benildean Community.

We have come a long way since joining the league at the start of SY 1997-1998. And who will forget what we celebrated just last term? A milestone, as we snatched the overall championship of the last season, winning first place in 5 out of 13 events.

This year, we face another challenge, as we take on the hosting assignment. It will be an opportunity to showcase, once again, our athletes' prowess as well as our school's organizational capabilities and sense of community. The hosting chores will require support from every member of the Benildean community, from the opening ceremony, through the scheduled games, up to the awarding and closing ceremonies. A huge task indeed, but one which we are expected to accomplish with flying colors nonetheless.

So let us face this new set of challenges and stand with our athletes from DLS-CSB, as well as our junior athletes from La Salle Greenhills, as we move towards reaching another milestone.

And our battle cry? Animo Benilde!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We invite, encourage, and request the Benildean community to support our athletes for the upcoming NCAA.

Please come, join the PEP RALLIES:
June 16 (F) 1:00 - 2:30 pm, at the Plaza Villaroza and
June 19 (M) 1:00 - 1:30 pm, at Arellano St in front of AKIC.

Animo Benilde!

Foreign Students

A lot of foreign students have been choosing DLS-CSB for their College degree programs. Joanne Raquel of the Foreign Students Unit has provided me statistics on foreign students and their degree program of choice for the past three school years. The top three groups include Koreans, Chinese and Americans (the last group probably inlcludes Filipinos with American citizenship).

For Term 1 SY 06-07, the percentages are Koreans 53%, Chinese 17%, and Americans and Taiwanese tied with 9%. For Term 1 SY 2005-2006, we had Koreans 48%, Chinese 14%, and Americans 12%. And in Term 1 SY 2004-2005, the percentages were Koreans 28%, Americans 21% and Chinese 17%.

As for the courses, the top three choices for this school year are BS-HRIM (48%), BSBA-EM (14%), and BSBA-CA (8%). Last school year (05-06), top choices of new foreign students include BS-HRIM (36%), BSBA-EM (14%), and AB-CDA (11%). And in SY 04-05, the top three choices were BS-HRIM (32%), BSBA-EM (20%), and BSBA-CA (15%).

Since the number of foreign students enrolling with us is increasing and since we are already receiving feedback from our teachers, especially the GenEd teachers, as regards the language difficulties of our foreign students, the Academic Council will start looking at possible interventions to bridge gaps related to admission, instruction and remediation. SMS has been designated to take the lead role in making a study on these and related concerns.

Friday, June 09, 2006

First SMS Council Meeting

Speaking of Council Meetings, I actually just came from one. I had a meeting with the relatively new set of SMS Chairpersons from 10 am until 4:30 pm today. It's a good thing we had good food to share (courtesy of the Solomon Guest House) and, of course, we were with each other's good company.

If you're wondering why it took us that long, it's because five (Annie, Letty, Joey, May, & Rowell) of the seven SMS chairpersons (including Rene and Toni) have not gone through our seminar-workshop type of meeting. We have this in SMS to, hopefully, prepare them to the future demands of the job. Like most of us, having been "plucked out" of our teaching jobs to "plunge in" an administrative post may prove to be a nerve wracking experience (hehehe). The least I could do is to help facilitate a certain amount of transition for them before they plunge in their admin tasks (ala fresh HS grad going into the LEAP first before plunging into the demands of regular College life!).

The morning session focused on the direction of DLSPI in relation to our own directions (in CSB, in SMS, and in their own Areas). We also tackled where we are in all of these (in terms of guidelines, JDs, school calendar, operational plans, etc). The afternoon session focused on the important SMS business matters.

So there, in the last weeks, we have been busy returning back to our normal lives in CSB (and getting over our summer break R & Rs).

Last week, we met with Bro. Dodo Fernandez and shared our dreams and hopes for SMS. We also met with the LEAP team together with the parents of this year's LEAP batch. Early this week, we met with VPA Nocon to discuss how we can further improve on the extended classes set-up. The Chairs had their own meetings with their areas for their plans this year. Me and George Binay (CDA Marketing Committee Head) also met with the OLAMMP team to discuss plans and tie-ups with them.

At the end of the day (and at the end of this week!), I'm just glad the SMS team is beaming with so much energy combined with strong camarederie. This lessens the burden of perceiving things as mere "tasks" to complete, instead, with good company, we start seeing these tasks as reasons to strenghten our bonds with one another.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


At last, after figuring out how to use this system and overcoming the technical glitches (thanks to Dr. Nocon), I am now about to make a posting.

SMIT had its first school council meeting this week. The team is composed of the same people from the previous school year: Mr. Benhur Ong (concurrent chairperson for the CA and IM programs), Atty. Sonny Reyes (HRM), Mr. David Terence Tiu (EM), and Mr. Bob Baylon (concurrently as SPaCE Dean and CDP chairperson). The main issues discussed were the direction for CDP, marketing (with the participation of AVP Lazatin... thank you for the pledge of assisting the team in looking for funds to undertake the necessary activities), PAASCU preparations, and curriculum development.

The meeting set the tone for the activities we have to undertake for the next two years (and the offices we would bug for assistance... hehehe).

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Graduation Figures

Ehem... puede bang magyabang konti? Sensya na ha feeling proud father lang kasi ako e.

Last Wednesday we had the regular Graduations Committee meeting where we decide on graduation concerns. In these meetings we are also given Registrar files containing, among others, the CGPAs of top students... and this is where my face lit up!

Of the top four graduates (all Cum Laude), three are from MMA (the highest score went to a student from SMIT, congrats Bob!). However, of the top 16, 13 are from the SDA (MMA, InD, ID)!

I shared this already with the SDA Chairs and extended to them my congratulations. These are data that, as educators, make us fulfilled and make all our hard work seem worthwhile. :)

Yun lang po!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Balut et Adobo pour les Francais

The culminating activity of the Culinary French Spring in SHRIM on June 5 and 6 at MPH ended yesterday. More than 200 students attended the culinary demo of the 3 French chefs on “Beauge Veal Kidney, Dried Tomato Tartar and Cod Brandade, and Dublin Bay Prawn with Truffle Oil” to the delight of the students and other guests. Unfortunately, I was not able to taste any of these. I had my share, though, of the really yummy Chocolate Gateau (soft sinful cake but not that sweet) and caramel-coated wavy biscuit and light pineapple cream.

The CHIP, the special interest organization of Culinary Arts track assisted the Culinary faculty members in logistics, documentation and registration and made the activity into a rousing success.

The activity was highlighted by an appreciation dinner for Chef Jean Constant, who is the Managing Director of Chartreuse du Val St Espirit restaurant, a very elegant 19th century Chateau in Rue de Fouquieres in France, Chef Franck Gilabert and Chef Nicolas Bonvarlet. Raphaele Deau, Cultural Coordinator of Embassy of France, Louis Thevenin, Deputy Director of Alliance Francaise and our EVP, Dr. Rose Marie Clemena also graced the occasion. The Chefs, being first timers in the country, were delighted with our balut, adobo and pansit bihon, and more so with our students through their songs, flairtending, and SHRIM Program Chair Onyoy Ulayao's rendition of The Prayer.

As expected, the French guests expressed their gratefulness to the Filipino hospitality while we, their hosts, look forward to holding similar events in the future.

CG Conference in Singapore

Yesterday, I had two guests from Singapore visit the SDA office. Justin and Sen are instructors of the 3dsense Media School, one of the many government accredited multimedia schools in Singa, which has put together "CG overdrive 2006: Asia's Largest Computer Graphics Conference".

They came over to invite our students and faculty to this conference and based on the initial response of the MMA students there are already a large number who have signified interest in attending. The event will be a gathering of CG (computer graphics) artists, professionals, academics and enthusiasts and will showcase CG technology,products and education. We had a chat about the field of computer animation today and there was a general agreement (including me) that this field will become one of the fastest growing industries in the country and the world. And I have seen the signs myself, it's undeniable!

Animation is such a world in itself, speaks its own language, and one that is spoken by the youth of today. I'm glad we've caught on fast with this development and applied for the first Bachelors Degree in Animation program in Metro Manila (the other one is in Ateneo de Naga). I have a hunch that this program will take off in the same way that MMA did!

Sen expressed his admiration for the innate creativity of the Filipinos and he was gushing about the prize winning animated clip produced by one of our MMA students (showed it to the AC last time). He said that it was so uniquely expressive of Filipino culture and compared our style to the Manga and Anime artists of Japan. They said that a lot of Filipino animators are being hired in Singapore, a testament to their recognition of our Pinoy creativity.They also shared with us the fact that the Singapore gov't are all out in giving support to academic institutions focused on the Creative Industries.

They promised that if we are to visit them, they will show us around various multimedia schools and arrange a meeting w the Singaporean gov't. Hmmm...sounds promising.

The conference will happen on July 14-16, 2006.

Wanted: Display Area

SDO has a happy problem in that the small office cannot anymore accommodate the increasing number of trophies that our athletes have earned and continue to earn! :-) As of this writing there are 98 trophies to be displayed or archived.

Ms Cely Cayaban has graciously volunteered either wall in front of the LRC (Taft Campus) to display current year's trophies, and pretty soon a space inside the LRC for the archiving. We hope to convince GAS to secure the area for trophies display. The suggested alternative site is the canteen mezzanine but i think we need a more prominent place of display to duly recognize the accomplishments of the College. Another alternative is to have shelves along the hallways (suggestion by Eric Soriano).

What do you think?

Speaking of ORDEV Classes...

Before the school year started, Beni (ORDEV Coordinator), Mela (outgoing OSA Dean), Soc (incoming OSA Dean) and myself had a meeting regarding the assignment of ORDEV classes to teachers. People in the know are aware that this is a perennial problem at the start of every school year (and in the 2nd Term). This is due to the large number of sections scheduled to take ORDEV-A (and then ORDEV-B).

We decided to try something new this year -- to assign ORDEV to teachers in the major programs. Historically, we have been tapping SMS teachers to handle one or two ORDEV classes. These teachers happen to also handle the same students in one other GenEd class (ALGEB-X, BIBSTUD, etc.). Thus, the reasoning goes, close monitoring is ensured. However, we can only assign so many and we almost always end up with unassigned ORDEV sections.

With the new strategy, we have several additional teachers right away. In addition, these ORDEV teachers are likely to be the students' advisers when they enter their 3rd Term.

Well, it seems that we have found the solution to the problem. As per Beni's data, 13 out of 58 ORDEV classes this term are handled by non-SMS teachers. We hope to increase this ratio in the coming terms.

The challenge now is to better equip this new set of teachers by giving them access to materials and training. Beni has scheduled a meeting of ORDEV facilitators this Friday (June 9), C-Break.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wanted: Warm Bodies

June 24 (S), Araneta Coliseum, 12:30 pm, marks the opening of the NCAA. As this year's host, we hope that more faculty, administrators, students and staff will be there to support the Benildean athletes. Will it be possible to credit attendance of ORDEV and PE students?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Regarding Admissions Committee Membership

Hi Caths!

If my presence is needed... it's my pleasure to be part of the Admissions Committee :)


Friday, June 02, 2006

SDA Meeting with Bro D

The SDA had a meeting last Tuesday with Bro Dodo at the ungodly (for most SDA pipol) hour of 9 am! It was a good getting to know you and your program type of meeting with Bro asking each Chair what their programs are about. To help him I made a 'codego' of all the names of the Chairs so that he can address them by their names. Bro's questions ranged from SDA's history to enrollment figures to budgets to student profiles to industry perceptions to other design schools to how the community perceives the SDA etc etc etc. Everyone participated actively and made the session truly worthwhile waking up early for! (the coffee helped of course :))

I'd also like to add that I like my present SDA team composed of three new Chairpersons (Tyrone-Music, Jun-Ind Des and Robin-Arts Man), three newish (Kets-Dance, Lito-Prod Des, Monet-Tech Theat) and three stalwarts (Ram-MMA, Mitali-Fashion and Mina-Int Des). I hope this group will remain steady for the next few years for the sake of managerial sanity!

Ubuntu 6.06

June 1 marks the release of the newest version of Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system. The event is important and a cause for celebration for those who value freedom in computing. It is free of charge. But more importantly, people have the freedom to customize it until it works the way they want it to.

On the other hand, the date is also probably a non-event for those who have been accustomed to using Windows XP. But imagine what happens when Windows XP licenses become too expensive. In fact, they are already. So an increasing number of companies, governments, universities, and organizations are starting to look at alternatives. At DLS-CSB, we have close to 100 Ubuntu workstations in the campus, deployed in offices, the eClassroom, and the iNook. My office PC has been running solely on Ubuntu since October 2004. That means I do not add to what the College needs to budget yearly for Windows XP licenses.

But since a lot of us are not willing to part with MS Office applications, the transition has become more difficult. As we continue to create .doc, .xls and .ppt files, the harder it will be for us to be weaned away from MS applications. But haven't you noticed that only Word can open .doc files? Wouldn't it be better if the file format is standard and you are allowed to choose which application to use in creating or editing the file? If your answer is yes, start using the OpenDocument format (ODF).

Open source and open standards are becoming more and more relevant.

Spring Cleaning Discoveries

The Admissions Center had its first spring cleaning activities and guess what we've unearthed? Historical pictures of DLS-CSB!

Let's play a caption game as we walk down memory lane. Just post your caption on the comment box and identify the picture you are referring to.

Thanks to Wifely Steps for the caption game idea. Photo credits: Learning Resource Center, DLS-CSB

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Culinary Breakthrough of La Baraka and AFM!

SHRIM Demo Bar was the venue for the MOA signing today between DLS-CSB and Alliance Francaise for SY 2006-07. It was attended by Olivier Dintinger, Director and Louis Thevenin, Deputy Director of Alliance Francaise and from DLS-CSB, Dr. Rose Marie Clemena, Dr. Rizaldi Nocon, Dr. Cristina Saldivar, Ms. Remedios Lorica, Geronio Ulayao and yours truly.

After the signing, we had lunch with the dancers of “Compaignie La Baraka” at MPH (SHRIM hosted their lunch). The dancers will perform contemporary dance at the CCP Main Theater on June 2-3. This is in connection with the French Spring in Manila 06, a yearly project of the Embassy of France and Alliance Francaise to strengthen ties between France and the Philippines through cultural events.

Over lunch, the AF Directors mentioned several curriculum improvements that they are doing to better serve the students. If that’s the case, it is a welcome development not only for SHRIM but for SMS as well.

It was a nice experience hosting the lunch of the petite dancers from Paris and good looking Directors of AF. Light side of the story: We should have taught the French how to eat Filipino food! They enjoyed the taste of Halo-halo without milk but with a slice of watermelon, the sauce of the fresh lumpia on top of delicious jasmine rice, and fresh lumpia with grated coconut! They must certainly have enjoyed Filipino food and hospitality.

Task Force Safe School Culminating Activity

Yesterday, I attended a short program of the Task Force Safe School (TFSS) at DLSU-Manila. TFSS is a grouping which includes DLSU-Manila, DLS-CSB, St. Scholastica's College and the Manila Police District. It coordinates programs and activities related to the security and safety of the students of the three schools. The coordination covers the area bounded by Taft Avenue, Vito Cruz, Arellano and Quirino Avenue.

During the program, TFSS gave recognition to policemen and security officers who have rendered exemplary service to the member schools. About five of our very own security officers were recipients of various awards.

I also witnessed the turnover of the chairmanship of the TFSS from DLSU-Manila (represented by Dr. Carmelita Quebengco) to SSC (represented by Sr. Angelica Leviste OSB). I was joined in the program by Nes Senor (of our Student Council), who led the opening prayer.